Spilno Camp

Created in 2022 on the initiative of the public association “Cultural Platform” in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine.

A safe space for children and youth where everyone can find new friends and gain knowledge about creative practices and socially important topics.

We believe that joint work on projects on socially important topics, development of creativity and imaginative thinking skills improve the acquiring of new knowledge. Also, this process contributes to increasing the social cohesion of children and adolescents from different regions of the country, increases the ability to quickly integrate internally displaced children and adolescents in the schools of the local communities, and stimulates the building of stable social ties. For children and teens who remain in online homeschooling, Spilno Camp provides an opportunity to create new social connections for extracurricular activities in their local communities.

We offered our participants activities in various areas — design, music, video, acting, and also gave children and youth the opportunity to engage in various sports and moving games.

Participants work on socially important projects in various areas — healthy nutrition, mine safety, hygiene, physical and mental health, media literacy, democracy, culture, etc.

Spilno Camp is a space for new acquaintances, personal growth, socialization, creative development and the formation of new skills.

Camps in 2022 were held in three hromadas (communities):

Svalyava community (06/05 – 07/03)

Irshava community (10.07 – 4.08)

Uzhhorod community (8.08 – 4.09)

The main principles of the Spilno Camp:

– full involvement in the process – participants cease to be objects of influence and become subjects of communication and take part in the formation of decisions or creation of products. They are aware of their role and are responsible for their work to the same extent as the mentor is for his/her;

  The first open-air AR exposition in Ukraine, dedicated to the socio-cultural phenomenon "Chervona Ruta-1989"

– involvement of participants in the process of learning and creation of a creative process, namely the use of creative approaches and methods. Encouraging and strengthening the initiative of children and adolescents;

– mutual respect, respect for others. Participants realize that they are different but at the same time equal – it is worth valuing and respecting each other;

– flexibility and constant adaptation of the content and design of the program to the actual needs of the participants and the local context. Strengthening some modules and optimizing others based on feedback from participants;

– building an open dialogue at the level of community government-public sector. Understanding that Splinno Camp is part of a larger system which it interacts with, it was important for us to involve representatives of local businesses, connoisseurs of the region’s culture and representatives of local authorities in the discussions, activities and events of Splinno Camp. We do not instil the principles of the Camp in the participants but provide the opportunity to voluntarily accept them through discussion and our example of their application in the Camp space.