The first open-air AR exposition in Ukraine, dedicated to the socio-cultural phenomenon “Chervona Ruta-1989”

In September, Chernivtsi plans to launch the Flower of Hope exhibition, a model of modern infrastructure for institutionalizing the historical memory of the Red Route 1989 phenomenon.

Парк "Жовтневий"
Парк “Жовтневий”

In 1989, the first local festival “Chervona Ruta” took place in Chernivtsi. This event gave impetus to Ukrainian musicians and allowed them to come out of the shadows of the underground, founded a whole galaxy of current performers. “Chervona Ruta-1989” was an important step towards gaining independence – it was here, despite the ban, that the Ukrainian national anthem was sung publicly for the first time after a long Soviet pause.

“Flower of Hope” is the first open-air exhibition in Ukraine with elements of augmented reality, which will take place in Chernivtsi. Maps with AR elements will be located in the city in the locations related to the events of the 1989 festival. They will lead to the park, which will house an exhibition of hidden stories about the “Red Route 1989”. The final point of the route will be the little-known 3rd location of the 1989 festival – a lawn in the park “October”, which housed a stage of Ukrainian singing poetry – kobzarism.

The proposed product of the exhibition in the form of a mobile AR-application “Ruta / Ruta” for IOS and Android platforms will not only competitively strengthen the routes of the exhibition space of Zhovtnevy Park, but also realizes the first presentation in Ukraine of artistic understanding of augmented reality technology. time of facts / stories / events. Thus, this approach will become a portal that translates the achievements of the past into the present – gamifying the experience of interaction and dissemination of knowledge about these achievements.

  Presentation of the first marked route - "the phenomenon of Transcarpathian painting"

Markers for AR (elements of augmented reality) are illustrations of selected heroes, which, when cited, tell the “hidden history” of the preconditions of the festival, its value ideologues and unique features as an integral part of socio-cultural belonging to the Ukrainian state.

Квітка надії AR експозиція
Квітка надії AR експозиція

The project is implemented by KP “October Park” in partnership with the NGO “Cultural Platform of Transcarpathia” and with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation under the program “Significant Events”.

“Our NGO specializes in developing infrastructure solutions for the promotion of local cultural identities:

“Chervona Ruta is a great reason to create a new way to interest people to learn more about the significant stages of Ukrainian statehood,” said Yevhen Zabarylo, head of the NGO “Cultural Platform of Transcarpathia.”

Забарило Євген

The main goal of the Flowers of Hope project is to preserve the memory and spread knowledge about such a unique cultural phenomenon as Chervona Ruta, which is an integral part of Ukrainian self-identification.