Spilno Camp: a summer space for children and youth was opened in Transcarpathia by UNICEF and the NGO “Cultural Platform Zakarparria”

On June 5, the first summer space for children and youth aged 7-17 was opened in Transcarpathia. Within its framework, participants find new friends, learn, play and spend a good time together. In June, the Spilno Camp will work in Svaliva, in July – in Khust, and in August – in Beregovo. In each of the cities, the Camp will spend 3 weeks with the main and open program. The camp is jointly organized by the NGO “Cultural Platform Zakarpattia” with the support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Ukraine in cooperation with the Transcarpathian Regional Military Administration and local authorities.

Spilno Camp unites local and internally displaced children and youth in an open and inclusive space. For this, two programs have been organized: the main one for the camp participants aged 7 to 17 and the open one – for all children, youth and parents.

The daily open program starting June, 5 includes lectures, workshops, film screenings, games on democracy, urbanism, inclusiveness, science, culture, mine safety, media literacy, and more. In addition, participants of the Spilno Camp will get involved in the life of a local community and volunteer activities.

The main program starts on June 11. It is designed for three age groups: 7-10 years, 11-14 years, 15-17 years. During three weeks, participants will learn about socially important topics: self-care, healthy habits, environmental problems solvable here and now, conscious consumption, etc. Having mastered each of the topics, the participants will create graphic, video and photo content about it. You can register for the main program using the link until 20:00, June 8, 2022.

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In July, the Spilno Camp will work in Khust, and in August – in Beregovo. The Camp will last three weeks in each city.