Presentation of the first marked route – “the phenomenon of Transcarpathian painting”

In Transcarpathia, the first marked route of the “phenomenon of Transcarpathian painting” is presented within the framework of the Ornament project with the support of the UKF.

ORNAMENT presentation

For two years, the NGO Transcarpathian Cultural Platform, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and partners, has been working to create a modern infrastructure that spreads knowledge about the content of the Transcarpathian painting phenomenon for Ukrainians and, from 2021, for the English-speaking community.

The first marked route is presented together with the Stavne community. This is the first of 4 identified concentrations of environments of the painting phenomenon – Uzhansky center of the path.

The project developed:

• MOLBERT art objects, which mark the places where the paths of artists crossed, capturing the unique landscapes of the Ukrainian Carpathians in their landscape works,

• branded road signs that fix the boundaries of the cell and inform about the stops of vehicles near “MOLBERT”,

• a map of the Way, which combines the ways of landscape painting of each of the 4 generations of artists who created the “phenomenon of Transcarpathian painting” with the world of Red Book flora and fauna – which fills the depicted landscapes,

• AR-filter to the 130th anniversary of the birth of the founders of the “phenomenon” – Adalberto Erdeli and Joseph Bokshay.

• Project website

• Promotional video “ORNAMENT”

• English edition of the monograph “The Way of Transcarpathian Painting”

Subject to quarantine restrictions, registration for the event by invitation

The event will take place at the ILKO Gallery Art Center at 3 pm on November 25, 21

  Techno-violence to be staged in Zakarpattia