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The first cultural route “Way of Transcarpathian Painting” will appear in Ukraine.

By the end of October 2020, the country’s first cultural route will be created in Transcarpathia. It will consist of a concentration of points that will tell the story of the Transcarpathian school of landscape painting. Each point will represent a separate area from the plots of landscape paintings: Adalberto Erdely, Joseph Bokshay, Zoltan Sholtes, Gavril Gluck, Ernest Kontratovich, Anton Kashshay, Vasily Gabda, Andriy Kotska, Ivan Shutev, Ivan Ilko.

Шлях закарпатського живопису
The way of Transcarpathian painting Synevyr pass

The route preparation campaign will run from June to October. The basis for them will be ROI points (places of drawing), which were selected in accordance with the research of art critic, philologist and researcher of cultural heritage of the Carpathians – Mikhail Sirohman.

The route focuses not only on the history of the painting tradition. He turns to the ecology of nature and human ecology. Anyone who reflects on these challenges of today will be able to plan their route and live a unique experience in the Carpathian landscapes. Find your personal place of strength among the landscapes of Borzhavska Valley, Uzhotsky Pass, Kolochava, Svydovets, Uzhansky National Nature Park, Kamyanytsia, Synevyr Pass, Nevytskyi, Veretsky Pass… Viaducts, river valleys, medieval , the wooden Carpathian churches that have been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List – all this is a small list of stories from the paintings of artists who are ahead of their time and have fixed unique places for future generations.

Озеро Синевир
Lake Synevyr “The Way of Transcarpathian Painting”

“We want to create a model of a modern route that demonstrates the common cultural and environmental narrative of Ukraine with the central part of Eastern Europe” – Eugene Zabarylo, project curator and chairman of the NGO “Cultural Platform of Transcarpathia”.

The concept of Cultural Routes was introduced in 1987 by the Council of Europe to implement the key cultural principles of the European Union: human rights, cultural democracy, diversity and identity. In the same year, the first European “Cultural Route” – the Way of St. James – was certified.

  Drone Castle

“These routes demonstrate the contribution of different cultures to the common European heritage. They reflect the diversity of living traditions. And open access to lesser-known topics and aspects of history “- European Institute of Cultural Routes.

Церква Різдва Пресвятої Богородиці
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin “The Way of Transcarpathian Painting”

Now the first such route will appear in the country under the grant program of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation “Culture. Tourism. Regions “. It aims to increase the tourist attractiveness of the regions by stimulating local cultural development of communities and generating competitive cultural products. The program was developed for a joint UKF pilot project, the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine (CEU), and SME.DO (Small and Medium Business Development Office at the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade, and Agriculture).

The route “Way of Transcarpathian Painting” will be based on a monograph on the style and history of the landscape school of Transcarpathian painting. Mykhailo Syrokhman is developing a monograph especially for the project. This will be the first thorough study of the Transcarpathian Landscape School, which was formed on the basis of Western European painting of the early twentieth century. and aesthetics of folk art of the region.

"Феномен закарпатського живопису"
“The phenomenon of Transcarpathian painting” Erdeli, Bokshay, Kocka

«Свій початок ця традиція бере від Публічної школи малювання з 1927 року, яку заснували в Ужгороді Адальберто Ерделі та Йосип Бокшай. Традиція школи отримала визнання та стала поштовхом до культурного розвитку регіону. Закарпатський обласний художній музей носить ім’я Йосипа Бокшая, а Ужгородський коледж мистецтв — Адальберта Ерделі. Працює будинок-музей Андрія Коцки. А 2013 року в місті Ужгород Михайло та Тетяна Ілько заснували мистецький центр «ILKO Gallery». Центр відкрили виставкою живопису Івана Ілька (до 75-річчя автора), який і досі продовжує живописну традицію школи та малює у своїй майстерні, що знаходиться просто в Галереї”, — Михайло Сирохман.

In order for “cultural” travelers to experience this tradition and discover the Carpathians in a new way, they will create a web resource that will become a guide on the Way. The resource will include all POI-points – concentration of places for landscape painting – and VR-panoramas of landscapes from natural environments from artists’ paintings. Separately, for convenience, create a map of locations for overnight stays and places where you can taste your favorite dishes of artists.

  The first in Ukraine cultural and technological festival "Dronevar" will be held in Uzhgorod

To acquaint tourists and artists with the tradition and style of the School, the site will be able to find a coach in landscape painting and book open-air tours – master classes in drawing according to the methodology of the School.